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NTA Newsline Coverage: Unlocking Dreams Book Launch

NTA’s recent coverage of the “Unlocking Dreams” book launch by Ashezi captured the essence of an event that was as much a cultural festivity as it was a literary milestone. Held at the Art and Culture Centre in Abuja, the launch drew an eclectic crowd of literary enthusiasts, cultural icons, and young dreamers, all united in their anticipation of Ashezi’s latest work.

Interactive Workshops for Young Minds

A standout feature of the event was the array of interactive workshops designed for children. NTA’s coverage highlighted these activities, showcasing young attendees engaging in pottery and tie and dye sessions. These workshops provided a hands-on experience, allowing children to explore their creativity while learning about traditional Nigerian crafts. Smiling faces and colorful creations underscored the success of these engaging activities.

A Celebration of Dreams and Heritage

The coverage concluded with reflections from attendees, many of whom praised Ashezi for her ability to blend rich cultural heritage with universal themes of hope and aspiration. The launch of “Unlocking Dreams” was more than just a literary event; it was a celebration of dreams and the cultural stories that shape them.

NTA’s comprehensive coverage brought the essence of this enchanting evening to viewers nationwide, ensuring that the inspiration and joy of the “Unlocking Dreams” book launch reached beyond the walls of the Art and Culture Centre. ” 

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